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Simply by choosing to get your car insurance quote online we’ll give you a 10% discount! On top of this we offer the highest no claims discount in Ireland. And that’s not all our AXA Plus loyalty programme gives you savings all year round!

That’s on top of all the benefits that come with being AXA protected like:

  • New car replacement
  • No loss of no claims discount for fire, theft or glass breakage claims
  • No excess on fire, theft, breakdown or windscreen claims when you use an AXA approved repairer

Click here for a full list of benefits of insuring your car with AXA.

And don’t forget to add some of our other great additional benefits – like Any Car, Any Driver.

Any Car

You want to borrow someone’s car. Could be for the shopping, to collect a relative or just because you need to go from A to B. One problem. Your third party cover normally allows you to drive legally (your insurance cert. will confirm this). But if you crash the car, you will have to find the funds to pay for any damage you caused to the car you borrowed!


with AXA comprehensive insurance, for an additional premium, you can upgrade your “driving other cars” cover from third party to comprehensive.

This means we also pay for the damage caused to any car you borrow up to 2000cc with a maximum value of €50,000.

Are there terms and conditions?

You have to be aged 25-70.

Full Terms and Conditions

Any Driver

You're at work, you feel unwell and need to get home (but can't drive). Or your next door neighbour asks to borrow your car as theirs is getting serviced. Or your relative drops hints about borrowing your car for a weekend away. Or you're going on holiday and your friends are moving house.

Or you just want open driving -without the hassle!

No problem. You can upgrade your policy so other drivers aged 25-70 with a full, clean ROI or UK driving licence can drive your car with your permission.

There's an additional premium, but the flexibility and peace of mind is priceless!

Are there terms and conditions?

Other drivers must be aged 25-70 with a full,

clean ROI or UK licence.

Full Terms and Conditions

How do I avail of these offers?

How do I get Any Car?

Get a quote and when your price is displayed, select ‘Comprehensive Drive Other Cars’, and any other optional extra you may need, from the tick box options below. Hit ‘Update Quote’ and that’s it - your quote will then update to include this feature and now you’re insured to drive another car, with the owner’s permission.

How do I get Any Driver?

Get a quote and when your price is displayed, select ‘Open Driving’, and any other optional extra you may need, from the tick box options below. Hit ‘Update Quote’ and that’s it - your quote will then update to include this feature and you can loan your car to another driver, just like that!

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More reasons to choose car insurance from AXA

Every day, hundreds of people switch to us here at AXA – Ireland’s largest Motor Insurer. Here’s some of the reasons why!

  • 42 branches nationwide – which means, where you are, we are. We pride ourselves on our local branch network. You can drop in Monday to Friday and talk to us directly and some branches are even open on Saturdays for your convenience.
  • Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak to a real person in our Irish call centre.
  • We have the highest no claims discount in Ireland – at 75%. (five years no claims bonus in your own name)
  • Our AXA Plus loyalty scheme rewards customers with discounts with leading retailers, travel and DIY shops.
  • 10% Online discount –Get 10% off if you get a quote online
  • Claim without Blame – if you’re hit by an uninsured driver, claim for fire, theft or windscreen damage or even breakdown assistance, your no claims discount won’t be touched. That AXA protection comes as standard with a comprehensive policy.
  • Accident Forgiveness as standard – we offer step back no claims discount protection as standard – so one mistake won’t cost you your whole no claims discount.

Talk to us today and start to experience the AXA difference.

Terms and conditions

These are the key sections of your policy wording. We have tried to explain it in plain English but if you have any questions, please refer to your schedule, certificate and policy booklet or contact us.

Any Car

Loss or damage to the car you borrowed

This cover does not apply unless it is shown in your schedule under section 1. As well as covering you for your legal responsibility to others, we will give you cover as described in section 1. If you have cover under section 2 we will cover damage to any car you are driving (under clause 5(b) of your certificate).

This cover will only apply if:

  • You are aged 25-70
  • The other vehicle is properly compliant, with a valid NCT test certificate
  • The other vehicle is properly compliant with road traffic legislation
  • The policy schedule shows that your cover is comprehensive;
  • The certificate of motor insurance contains the ‘driving other cars’ clause number 5(b);
  • You drive a private passenger vehicle. It does not include:
    • Vehicles registered outside the Republic of Ireland
    • Vehicles modified beyond manufacturers standard specification
    • Vehicles hired or leased to you
    • Vans;
    • Car-vans;
    • Jeep type vehicles with no seats in the back ; or Vans adapted to carry passengers.
  • You are responsible for looking after a car that is being driven under clause 5(b) of the certificate;
  • You do not regularly use or drive the car;
  • There is no other insurance policy which covers you driving that car (whether or not that policy would cover what is covered by this extended cover);
  • The car does not belong to you or your husband, wife or partner;
  • You have the owner’s permission to drive the car and have been driving it for less than 30 days; and
  • The loss or damage happens in Ireland.

The most we will pay under this extended cover is €50,000.

Other road users (third parties)

This cover will also apply if you are driving any other car which your certificate of insurance covers you to drive. If you are covered to drive other cars, it will be shown in section 5(b) of your certificate of insurance.

This cover only applies if:

  • You are aged 25-70 and have a full Irish or UK driving licence
  • You do not own the car or you have not hired the car under a hire-purchase agreement;
  • It is shown that this cover applies under section 5(b) of your certificate of insurance;
  • You have the owner’s permission to drive the car; and
  • The vehicle is being used within the ‘limits for use’ shown in your current certificate of motor insurance.

This cover applies to damage or injury happening in Ireland and the UK only.

This extension applies only to private passenger vehicles. It does not include vans, car-vans, jeeps with no seats in the back or vans adapted to carry passengers.

Any Driver

Other road users (third parties)

We will give the following people the same ‘liability to others’ cover under this section we give you under 1a.

  • Anyone you allow to drive your car who is covered to drive it under the certificate of insurance provided they are aged 25-70 with a full Irish or UK driving licence.
  • Any person using (but not driving) your car with your permission for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.
  • Any person travelling in or getting into or out of your car.
  • Your employer or business partner, as long as your car is not owned by or hired to either your employer or business partner and your car is being used for a purpose that is allowed under your certificate of insurance and your employer is not covered under another policy.
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