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Here are some ways to save with AXA

10% Online Discount

Save 10% online when you get a quote! It doesn’t matter if you don’t purchase online – you can call in to any of our 42 local branches or call us on 1890 24 7 365 to purchase the policy – and you won’t lose the discount.

Highest no claims discount in Ireland

We’re proud to offer 75% no claims discount the highest in Ireland! We believe in rewarding safe drivers!

AXA Plus loyalty programme

Our customers enjoy everyday savings in travel, retail, fashion and motor outlets with our AXA Plus loyalty programmeanother plus from AXA. There’s no need to accumulate points. Just insure with us, we'll give you instant discounts when you shop!

Bundle & Save Discount

Share an address with someone who already has an AXA car, home or van insurance policy? You'll get a 10% Bundle & Save discount on every new car insurance policy you bring to us. It doesn’t matter if the existing AXA policy is not in your name, once you share an address with someone who already has a policy with us, you automatically qualify for our car insurance Bundle & Save discount!

Multi-Car Discount – Partner or housemate already have their car insurance with AXA, but your policy is with another company? You qualify for an AXA Bundle & Save discount of 10% on your car insurance quote!

Is your home insurance already with AXA, but your car insurance with another company? Get a 10% discount on your car insurance when you get a quote. It doesn’t matter if your renewal dates are different, the discount will apply on any new quote, as the renewal comes around.

Already have van insurance with AXA? Bring your car insurance to AXA too and save 10%!

Here are some more reasons to choose AXA car insurance...

Claim Without Blame

We don’t think you should lose your no claims discount over something that’s not your fault. With AXA's claim without blame benefit means that if you’re hit by an uninsured driver and it’s not your fault, you’re still protected.

Terms and conditionsMore
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Optional purchases not included.
  • Standard cover under comprehensive cover.

Accident Forgiveness

If you purchased no claims discount protection then one third party claim won’t affect your no claims discount. But if you don’t have this, all those years of careful driving, to build up your no-claims-discount are history.

We don’t think that’s fair. And it won’t happen if you’re an AXA car insurance customer! We know these things happen so we offer stepback no-claims-discount protection as standard. Provided you have at least 1 year’s no claims discount and this is the first claim that affects your no claims discount.

  • If you had 75% no claims discount, you still have 60%
  • If you had 70% no claims discount, you still have 55%
  • If you had 65%-55% no claims discount, you still have 50%

But there’s even more to Accident Forgiveness than preserving some of your car insurance no claims discount.

Some claims won’t even affect your car insurance no claims discount. These include;

  • Loss or damage caused by fire or theft
  • Windscreen damage
  • Car & Key Rescue
Terms and ConditionsMore
  • Terms and Conditions apply.
  • New customers only.
  • Optional purchases not included.
  • Accident Forgiveness is stepback no claims discount protection for customers with one or more years no claims discount.

Pick up & Delivery

We pick up your damaged (but drivable) car as we deliver your courtesy car. We repair your car to the highest standards, including a lifetime guarantee on parts and then we pick up your courtesy car as we deliver your car back to you.

  • Drive your car to our approved repairer
  • Provide you with a courtesy car
  • Repair your car as quickly as possible
  • Keep you up to date with the progress of your vehicle
  • Minimum 3 year guarantee on all repairs
  • Wash and vacuum your car
  • Reduce your accidental damage excess by €100
  • Get your car back to you
Terms and conditionsMore
  • Standard Underwriting Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Offer applies to customers insured with AXA Insurance only.
  • Offer applies to AXA Insured customers who use an AXA Approved Garage.
  • Offer applies to private motor policies only (Taxi`s & Commercial Vehicles excluded).
  • Offer applies where vehicle is mobile following an accident.
  • Pick Up & Delivery will be offered as standard where qualifying criteria is met.
  • "Best endeavour" will apply in relation to the time scale for delivery of courtesy vehicle in times of high demand.
  • If vehicle becomes a "write off" and customer has no car hire entitlement 7 day limit applies.

We pay 96% of car insurance claims without quibble.

We are committed to paying car insurance claims and getting our customers back on the road as quickly as possible.

But not all claims are paid. Find out why.