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Looking for cheap car insurance?

If you are shopping around, and finding cheap car insurance is important to you, then you are in the right place to try a competitve quote from AXA.

It's tempting to stick with your current insurer when your policy comes up for renewal, but at AXA we offer the highest no claims discount in Ireland. Careful drivers get up to 75% no claims discount (available for drivers with five years claims free driving in their own name).

Plus we'll give all new customers a further 10% online discount - making the price of your car insurance even cheaper! So why wait, get a quote today without compromising the quality of cover and protection.

Here's how to get our cheapest car insurance

Here are some tips below on some of the ways that you can save money on your with AXA.

  • Get your quote online and get a 10% discount
  • Increase your excess - save up to 7.5% by taking a higher excess
  • Multi-Car and save up to €50
  • Add your spouse/partner to your policy – this often reduces your premium. Also if your spouse / partner currently has a car insured in their own name this may help reduce your premium
  • Pay for your policy upfront - Monthly instalments are usually more expensive because of interest charges and admin fees.
  • Get yourself a full licence
  • Buy a 'green'/'eco' car and save 20%
  • Don't claim – with AXA you can earn up to 75% on your No claims discount (five years no claims bonus in your own name)
  • Grow old – if you are a younger driver you might want to wait until your next birthday as the rates may have reduced
  • Low mileage discount – you could save up to 10% if you drive less than 8,000km a year.

Shopping around for the cheapest car insurance in Ireland can be a difficult task. AXA is Ireland’s largest motor insurer and we will cater for all your needs and we can find a suitable policy that offers your quality cover, and fantastic value for money.