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Why do I need it?

Why do I need it?

When it comes to travel insurance, it’s easy to think ‘it won’t happen to me’, but taking out a travel insurance policy is all about planning for the unexpected. You never know what might happen when you head off on holiday and an accident, illness or lost luggage can put a real downer on your trip.

Travel insurance is a way to prepare just in case something goes wrong, allowing you to jet off on holiday and enjoy every minute of your break without needing to worry. Many people associate travel insurance with medical costs in the event of an injury or illness. While policies certainly cover you for these eventualities, there is much more to travel insurance from AXA Ireland.

Our travel insurance sold in Ireland will cover you in the event that your holiday gets cancelled or has to be cut short, as well as providing you with financial help if your luggage gets lost or even if your flight is delayed. Making sure you are covered when you go on holiday doesn’t have to cost the earth – you will be able to find great value travel insurance policies with AXA Ireland that offer comprehensive cover.

What cover does AXA offer?

What cover does AXA offer?

Here at AXA Ireland we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with our travel insurance policies. We understand that holidaymakers have different needs when they go away, so our travel insurance policies reflect this. From independent travellers to families and even those taking business trips, we have it covered.

But travel insurance isn’t designed to simply cover the person, it is also important that it is suitable for any activities you might be undertaking on your break. AXA Ireland offers winter sports options to make sure that your expensive ski or snowboard equipment is looked after while you are carving up the slopes, as well as providing you with compensation should the piste be closed during your stay. Golfing holidays have become increasingly popular in recent times, so we cater for those heading off for a few rounds on the green with our travel insurance.

General condition: Ownership or possession of vehicle is not covered.

Why buy Travel Insurance from AXA?

Why buy AXA Travel Insurance

AXA Ireland offers a range of travel insurance policies to suit people from all walks of life who are jetting off to a wide range of destinations.

To get the best value travel insurance, you can customise your policy to make sure that you are covered for everything you need, without paying out for unnecessary premiums.

Important Information you should know

Important Information you should know

Medical - Our policies exclude cover for all incidents relating to medical conditions, which exist before your trip begins. This means any medical or mental condition you have prior to your trip and / or causing you pain or physical distress or severely restricting your normal mobility, including (but not limited to):

  • a condition for which you are on a waiting list or have knowledge of the need for surgery, in-patient treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home;
  • a condition referred to a medical specialist or the cause of in-patient treatment within one year prior to your trip;
  • any mental condition including fear of flying or other travel phobia;
  • a condition for which you have not had a diagnosis;
  • a condition for which a medical practitioner has provided a terminal prognosis;
  • any circumstances you are aware of that could reasonably be expected to give a rise to a claim on this policy.
  • You must claim against your private health insurer first if you have one for any medical expenses abroad up to your policy limit.
  • Please do not curtail any trip without first contacting AXA Assistance.
  • Any incident relating to winter sports will be covered only if you have purchased the Winter Sports Option.
  • Any incident relating to ski equipment, business equipment or golf equipment will only be covered if you have purchased the appropriate option.

To ensure that this policy is suitable for your needs please review the policy booklet and schedule for more information relating to policy exclusions and general conditions.

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