Roadsafe Roadshow
Roadsafe Roadshow

Keeping our future drivers safe on the road

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping teens learn to respect the road, leading the way for a safer future.

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Helping young drivers lead the way

Helping young drivers lead the way

Educating our future drivers

We’re all too familiar with traffic accidents involving young people. Here at AXA, we believe in supporting our communities.

With the AXA Roadsafe Roadshow we’ve been educating Ireland’s future drivers on the dangers of driving and the importance of road safety. Running since 2009, we’ve created an award-winning experience that aims to inspire our future drivers to be safer on the road.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The AXA Roadsafe Roadshow mixes theatre, video and first-hand accounts from Gardaí and emergency services to highlight the dangers of driving. Family members of victims to road accidents also share their stories.

Each school year, we work with local County Councils to bring this valuable and unique experience to local communities around Ireland to help support and protect our future drivers across the country.

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The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling

  • Make it feel real

    We created an environment that the students feel comfortable in and can relate to. They walk into a club atmosphere with a live DJ. The mood changes when an actor playing Sean, an inexperienced young driver, has a tragic car accident. Our actors present a scene that has happened all too often.

  • Experienced first responders

    Emergency Services at the scene tell Sean’s story. They share their own experiences and emotions when helping the injured and families of the deceased.

  • Know You Can

    The presentation will shock and educate our young people who will have a newfound responsibility to respect the roads.

    Most importantly, they will come away knowing that they can help others by spreading the message of road safety.


"I really enjoyed the experience and feel that I have learned from it. It has taught me to be very cautious when I’m ready to drive."

Jack, 4th Year student in Wesley College 2018

"The talk was very effective and it warned me about the dangers of driving. When I looked at the crowd I could immediately see the impact the stories had on everyone."

Ben, 4th Year student in Wesley College 2018

"Such a super and worthwhile event to be involved in. A really important road safety message going out to secondary school students. Thanks to AXA Ireland for having me involved"

Conor, Twitter comment

The results

  1. Winner, 2018 IRVA Global Leading Light of Hope Award.

  2. Overall Award in the Education and Training section of the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award Scheme in 2002.

  3. Feedback on the event shows that students understand our message.

Roadsafe Roadshow 2019/20

Upcoming Roadsafe Roadshows 2019/20
26th November 2019INEC Killarney, Kerry
20th & 21st January 2020Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork
6th February 2020Red Cow Hotel, Dublin
6th February 2020Breaffy Resort, Mayo
26th February 2020Roscommon Arts Centre, Roscommon
24th & 25th March 2020Backstage Theatre, Longford

More to be confirmed soon.