Why do car insurance companies sell through brokers?

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An insurance broker can act as an intermediary between you and an insurer. Once you give them your background, they can find the policy that best suits your needs for a reasonable price with the help of their insurance expertise. While brokers can save you time and money, you may have to pay a broker fee for their services. Using a broker isn’t necessary for everyone, with customers now able to find the right insurance policy for them with an online quote.

Why do car insurance companies sell through brokers?

Do I need an insurance broker?

No, it is not necessary for you to buy your car insurance through a broker. There are several reasons why some people may go to an insurance broker, for example if you feel like your insurance policy may involve something complex. Brokers are experts in their field and can help you find insurance that suits your needs. They can help you to weigh out your options, pointing out the different types of cover which may be available to you for your car insurance. They will ask you about the use of the vehicle and your driving history, ensuring that you find the right policy for you. Brokers can also be useful in the case that you need to make a claim, as your broker might speak to the claims department and do as much as possible for you to help lessen the burden on you.

Can I buy insurance directly from AXA?

AXA customers can buy their car insurance directly from AXA without the extra expense of a broker fee. Although insurance brokers may help you to find the best deal on your insurance, they may also take commission from the insurer on each policy sold. This means that although a broker might find you a better deal than what you may find for yourself, your insurance may end up being more expensive once this broker fee is taken into account. Customers may also find that they feel more in control when they are in charge of reviewing and researching their insurance options.

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