Is classic car driver cover different from standard cover?

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Here at AXA, we offer classic car insurance, which is different than our standard car cover, as it is designed for cars that are over 25 years old. We understand that with hobbies such as driving classic cars, it may take time to get road ready and so, we offer tailored insurance for these cars. With our classic car cover, you are given similar options of choosing between Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only cover, however if you are wishing to take out this type of insurance, you must already be insured on a private car.

Is classic car driver cover different from standard cover?

What benefits are available with AXAs Classic Car Cover?

At AXA, we understand that classic cars are extremely special and so, we offer certain benefits with our classic car insurance. These benefits include paint damage that may have been caused by broken glass and windscreen cover, which covers damage to your windows provided you have comprehensive cover.

We also offer 31-days travel cover within the EU, allowing you to take your classic car abroad and explore various locations across the EU while enjoying the very same motor insurance that you would within Ireland.

The final key benefit that we offer is Motor Rescue. We understand that older cars are more often prone to breakdowns than newer cars may be. In order to help you when this may happen, we offer 24-hour roadside and home assistance anywhere in Ireland. This allows you to have peace of mind that whatever mishap may happen with your classic car, we are here during your time of need!

Can I avail of any discounts for my Classic Car?

While the above benefits are great, we also understand that sometimes classic car insurance can be expensive. We aim to combat this for you by offering discounts that will help bring your costs down. These include a multi-car discount, a mileage discount (meaning the less you drive, the less you pay) as well as up to 70% no claims discount.

The best way to find out more about our Classic Car Cover and find which cover bests suits you, is to talk to our dedicated classic car team in any of our branches, or call us on 1890-200-016.

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