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A heartfelt thank you to all the doctors and nurses who responded to a call from Ireland’s Health Service and returned to Ireland to provide their support.

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Inspired by their courage and commitment we were delighted to provide some assistance to the returning medics with Covid Car Cover.

Many of the brave medics would have faced the hassle of taking public transport or sourcing a car and valid insurance to get to work. So, we partnered with Renault offering complimentary Renault cars complete with free AXA motor insurance for two months.

Customer comments

COVID Car Cover customer comments COVID Car Cover applicants

Antoinette McDonald, Director at AXA said: “Our frontline Doctors, Nurses and support staff have inspired the whole country and none more so than the many doctors and nurses now returning from as far away as Australia to help the national Covid-19 effort.

“We wanted to help these men and women get organised with practical things like cars and insurance as they prepare to return to hospitals around the country and this is the most practical way in which we can help.”

We had a fantastic response to the initiative which is now fully subscribed. 100 medics are already out on the road safely, and we’re working to ensure the remaining applicants have their car and insurance sorted as soon as possible.

The feedback from the nurses and doctors has been heartwarming. We’re honoured to have been able to make their lives a little easier during this difficult time.

Employee comments

COVID Car Cover employee comments COVID Car Cover support

A big thank you to all the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers for their courage and bravery.

Stay safe, The AXA Team

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