How to insure my car at the most suitable premium?

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To insure your car at the best price for your requirements, it is necessary to decide what level of cover you need to suit your vehicle and lifestyle. Here at AXA, we offer different levels of insurance cover so that you get the very best insurance for your car. We also offer a range of discounts on our car insurance, which will help lower your insurance premium while still attaining the most suitable insurance for your car!

How to insure my car at the best price?

Why are there different prices with each insurance policy?

The main reason there are differences in price on our AXA car insurance policies, is because there are options available dependent on individual’s needs.

The insurance policy that offers the most complete cover is our Comprehensive car insurance policy. This protects all persons that are involved in an incident, your car and third parties. As this offers the most protection, it may come at a slightly higher cost than our other insurance policies.

Our second option for your car insurance policy is our Third Party, Fire & Theft insurance policy. This offers you cover in the event of a fire or theft, along with offering third party protection if you are involved in an accident.

Finally, our last insurance option is our Third-Party Only insurance policy. This offers protection to third parties involved in any incidents. it comes at a lower cost than other forms of car insurance.

If I want to add no claims discount protection to my car insurance, will this cost extra?

Here at AXA, we understand that car drivers can have very different needs. Due to this, we offer a range of extras which you can choose to add to your insurance policy, at an additional cost. Not only do we offer car and key rescue, and open driving, but you can also avail of no claims discount protection to help ensure that in the event of any one single claim , your no claims discount will not be impacted. Terms and conditions apply, please review your full policy documents for more information.

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