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Does van driver insurance cover all vans?

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AXA’s commercial van insurance covers all vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 2 ton. Whether you drive your van for personal reasons or business use, you will need to insure it. Here at AXA, our commercial van insurance is designed to keep you on the road so you can get on with business as usual. Our van insurance ensures that you are covered in the case of an unexpected event, with the amount of cover you have based on the policy you choose.

Does van driver insurance cover all vans?

What levels of cover can I get with van driver insurance?>

Similar to our car insurance, our van driver insurance has three levels to choose from:

  • Third Party Only: This will cover you against injury to any person and third-party property damage. This is the minimum level of van insurance which is legally required.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft: This level of cover will cover the cost of any third-party damage which you cause, while also additionally covering protection for your van in the case of theft or fire damage.
  • Comprehensive: This is the highest level of van insurance which you can choose from. This will cover you, your vehicle, as well as any third parties who may be involved in an accident.

Additionally, here at AXA we offer the option of our Premier Van Insurance Package. This package includes bonuses such as protection for your no claims bonus in the case of a Fire & Theft claim.

Can I get optional extras with my van driver insurance?

For an additional cost, we can offer our customers optional extras to suit their van insurance needs. For example, we can offer you 24-hour breakdown assistance in Ireland or the UK and glass breakage cover to repair broken windscreen. For those who avail of our Premier Van Insurance, we also offer a no claims bonus protection as an optional extra. This means that should you avail of this extra, you can make one claim without it impacting your existing no claims bonus. We also offer various other van extras to Premier customers such as replacement van hire costs, replacement locks cover for up to €750 and personal belongings cover for up to €250. Please refer to your policy documents as your level of coverage will depend on the type of commercial van insurance which you choose.

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