Cover options for farming insurance in Ireland

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Here at AXA we can offer you excellent farming cover with our farm insurance policies, AXA Smart Farm Easy and AXA Smart Farm Choices. Our farming policies offer flexible protection for your farm, agricultural vehicles and commercial earnings. The AXA Smart Farm Easy policy is designed for small farms of less than 100 acres, while our AXA Smart Farm Choices policy is perfect for larger farms of over 80 acres. Read more now about protecting your home and your livelihood with our customisable farming insurance policies.

Cover options for farming insurance in Ireland

What are my cover options for farming insurance

Here at AXA we offer two different options for farming insurance.

AXA Smart Farm Easy

Our Smart Farm Easy policy is perfect for those with a farm of 100 80 acres or less. This policy will help keep you covered against public liability and environmental liability, providing legal expenses if necessary. We also offer optional extras, such as the option to include cover for farm vehicles and trailers. If necessary, you can also add on cover for livestock, protecting your animals in case of flood, fire or storm. Whatever you need, you can rest easy knowing that AXA has you covered.

AXA Smart Farm Choice

Our Smart Farm Choice was created for farmers who have larger diversified farms or require a more specific policy. Similar to our Smart Farm Easy policy, you will be covered against public and environmental liability with legal expenses provided if necessary. We understand that larger farms may need more customisable cover, which is why we offer additional extras specifically for our Smart Farm Choice customers, such as personal accident cover. With Smart Farm Choice, you can also get all the livestock cover of Smart Farm Easy, with optional add ons such as livestock theft cover, pedigree animal cover and sheep worrying.

Is farming insurance required by law?

Farming insurance is not a requirement by law in Ireland. However, it is recommended that any property owner protect their land with appropriate cover. If an accident occurs on your farm it could result in a claim which may devastate you and your family financially. In order to prevent this, a farming insurance policy will help protect you and provide you with peace of mind that your home and source of income are both completely protected in the case of an accident.

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