Does motorbike insurance include my helmet?

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Taking to the road on your motorbike can be one of the most exhilarating experiences, however it also leaves you as a more vulnerable road user than if you were behind the wheel of a car. Here at AXA we make sure all of our customers feel secure in knowing that they are safe with the cover that they may need in case of emergencies. Many motorbike users can get caught in high premiums, but we can help you find your lowest price possible. Whether you are just beginning your biking journey, or your motorbike is your everyday form of transport, we have two tailored motorcycle insurance plans to ensure you have the perfect cover for you.

We know that safety is the main priority for motorbike users; and we are here to answer any questions which you may have about our policies. Here we break down our motorbike insurance plans, and answer frequently asked questions such as does my motorbike insurance include my helmet?

Does motorbike insurance include my helmet?

Our basic Bikecare plan covers all bikes.

Choose from our 3 different levels of cover – with Comprehensive, Third Party Only or Third-Party Fire & Theft cover on offer. As standard all our plans include cover for customers who want to travel on their motorbike, with up to 31 days full policy cover for driving in the EU and other EU approved countries. In case of emergencies, we also provide you with 24-hour motorcycle breakdown assistance, which includes removing your bike to a suitable garage or hiring a replacement motorcycle if necessary.

For more experienced bikers, we have our Easirider Plan which includes a range of qualifiers.

To qualify for this, plan your motorcycle must be at least a group 2 and drivers must have a full, clean class A license with at least 2 years no claims bonus. The main benefit of this plan is that it offers additional cover such as replacement of your helmet and other safety apparel, up to €600, if they are damaged in a collision. This plan also covers driving other bikes you don’t own providing the other bike is insured. Another bonus of the Easirider plan is that if your motorcycle is stolen, or the damages will cost more than 60% of the bike AXA will replace it with a new one if the bike is less than 12 months old.*

*Applies to comprehensive and third party fire and theft cover only

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