Why the best home insurance usually doesn't mean cheap home insurance

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When it comes to choosing your home insurance policy, it’s important that you focus on getting the best value for your money rather than simply looking for the lowest price. Here at AXA, we offer a range of various home insurance types at different price points, with each of these offering a different level of coverage. Whether you are looking for buildings insurance, contents insurance or both, we are confident we can provide you with cover that suits your needs. . Our different insurance policies aim to protect you and give you the peace of mind that no matter what the circumstance, you have the best insurance policy for you and your home.

Why the best home insurance usually doesn't mean cheap home insurance

What different home insurance policies can I choose from?

With AXA, we have created three different types of home insurance cover, all set at different price points to ensure we can cater for you no matter your needs.

Building Insurance - Building insurance is our most basic insurance for homeowners. This insurance type covers your house, shed and any other outhouses you may own. It also includes cover of any permanent fixtures such as plumbing or kitchen units, which are contained within your house.

Contents Insurance - This type of policy is most commonly recommended to those who are renting a home as it ensures your belongings are protected. This covers all of your personal belongings such as electronics and furniture. However, it is important to remember that if you own your house, the physical building and its permanent fixtures are just as important as your personal belongings and they will not be covered under this policy.

Building & Contents Insurance - Here at AXA, we recommend Buildings and Contents insurance for homeowners. This cover that ensures both your building, and all of its contents are fully covered. This provides you with reassurance that no matter what, your belongings as well as your house are fully insured.

Are there additional extras with AXA Home Insurance?

At AXA, we can offer you a range of different add-ons at an additional cost to help protect you and your home at all times. Add-ons include extended personal belongings cover, which covers any loss or damage to personal belongings you may bring out of your home regularly (i.e laptops, watches). We also offer personal accident cover which covers you, your partner and any children under the age of 18 from accidents that may occur within your home - amongst many other optional extras. We aim to give you the best protection possible for your home and your lifestyle, at an appropriate cost for you.

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