Who should pay for rented house insurance?

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Here at AXA, we understand that sometimes rented house insurance can be confusing, so we are here to make it as simple as possible for you and for those renting your house. As a landlord, we understand the most important thing for you is protecting your assets and so we have created a specific Landlord Insurance. This insurance cover helps protect the physical property building, as well as any contents you may own within the house depending on your chosen policy.

Who should pay for rented house insurance?

What type of Landlord Insurance does AXA offer?

With AXA, you have the choice of choosing between two different Landlord Insurance policies - Buildings Only insurance, as well as Building & Contents insurance.

The main difference between these two policies is that with Buildings Only insurance, your physical buildings, patio and all fixed appliances are covered. With Building & Contents insurance you cover all that is covered under Buildings Only, as well as any contents belonging to you, such as furniture, carpets and anything else which may be damaged by tenants.

Although Landlord Insurance is not required by law, we strongly recommend ensuring you protect all of your assets, as well as to financially protect yourself in the event of any accidents.

As a landlord, am I responsible for insuring my tenant’s contents?

When renting your house to third parties you are only responsible for ensuring your assets are insured - be it only the building or the building and any contents you own. You have the option of advising your tenants to obtain Contents Insurance, however it is their responsibility to protect any belongings which they store within your house. This is a completely separate insurance policy to Landlord Insurance which will help them ensure that their contents are protected in the event of any accidents.

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