Updated 29th May 2020

We know this is an unsettling time for you and your customers. We’re committed to giving you access to relevant, up to date information so that you and your customers are fully aware of how we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve compiled key COVID-19 related information below and outlined any implications our response has for your personal and commercial lines customers. This is an evolving situation, so please save this web address (you won’t be able to reach it from our public website) and visit these pages regularly for the latest updates and guidance. If you have any queries, please get in touch with your usual AXA contact.

To keep up to date with the general situation, please visit gov.ie/covid19.

Frequently asked questions

Insurance Payment Deferral for Small Business Customers

  • What is the insurance payment deferral initiative for small businesses?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created severe challenges for Irish businesses across all sectors. As businesses slowly start to reopen, two of the biggest immediate challenges facing small businesses are managing cashflow and liquidity.

    To help small businesses free up some much-needed cash, AXA is offering businesses covered under our Shops, Office & Surgery policy and our Tradesman & Professional policy the opportunity to delay paying the majority of their insurance premium for three months.

  • How does it work?

    Small businesses covered by AXA, with an applicable policy type (see below), can choose to defer paying their insurance premium for three months. All that we require is a minimum deposit payment of at least €100. The balance of the premium will become due three months after the policy start date.

    Quotes on Covernet will be referred to the AXA Trading team who will apply the discount and place the risk on cover for the agreed minimum deposit payment. Covernet generated letters will be sent confirming that customers have taken up the insurance payment deferral offer.

  • Who’s eligible for the deferral?

    New and existing AXA small business insurance customers covered under our Shops, Office & Surgery policy and our Tradesmen & Professionals policy can avail of the offer.

  • When can businesses avail of the offer?

    The initiative is open to new and renewal business effective immediately up to and including the 10th August 2020.

  • Is there a charge or interest payment due for availing of the three month payment deferral?

    No. Business customers will not incur charges or interest payments if they choose to defer their insurance for the three month period.

  • Do broker terms of credit apply to customers availing of the offer?

    Yes, each broker’s existing terms of credit will continue to apply to these transactions.

  • Can customers who pay their premium by instalments avail of the offer?

    No. This offer is not available to AXA business customers who pay their premium by instalments.

  • Any questions?

    If you have any questions about our small business insurance premium deferral offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the AXA Trading team on 01 8776752.

Motor Insurance refunds

  • Will AXA be providing their motor insurance customers with an insurance refund as a result of COVID-19?

    Yes. AXA is happy to confirm that we will be making a payment to our hundreds of thousands of motor insurance customers in the Republic of Ireland in recognition of the reduction in the level of motor claims experienced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. This is the first such initiative ever undertaken in the motor insurance market in Ireland and it will see AXA return millions of euros to our customers.

  • Who is eligible for this payment?

    All of AXA’s car, motorcycle, light commercial vehicle and taxi insurance customers on cover with us on 29th April will receive a refund. This includes customers who are insured with us directly and through a broker.

  • How much of a refund should my motor customers expect?

    Private car, motorcycle, light commercial vehicle and taxi insurance customers can expect to receive a payment of €30 per policy.

  • How will the refund payment work?

    The refund will be a once-off payment by cheque to customers.

  • When should my customers expect their refund?

    Payments will be made to your customers starting from 13th of June on a staggered basis. We expect all payments to have been issued by the end of June.

  • What do I have to do to enable my customer to get the refund?

    Brokers don’t need to do anything. AXA will complete the administration work needed to refund motor insurance customers, including mailing the cheque.

  • Will brokers be penalised for motor refunds through a reduction in commission?

    No. AXA not be will reclaiming or reducing the motor commissions we pay brokers as a result of customer motor refunds.

  • What do I do if a customer has a query/issue with cheque payment made through this once off payment?

    You or your customer can contact us on 01-8583470 if you have not received the cheque or have any other queries.

  • If your customer has a claim, will they get a refund?

    Yes, your customer will get a refund.

  • How much will this cost AXA?

    AXA is refunding approximately €20m to motor customers. This is the largest total payment amount of any Insurer in the Irish market. The reward has been calculated based on expected claims savings from reduced usage of vehicles.

  • Does this payment impact the cover on my customers policy?

    No, this payment does not have any impact on your policy cover, or terms and conditions.

  • I have more than one policy with AXA, will I receive a payment for each of them?

    Yes, a €30 payment will be made for each Private Car, Van, Taxi and Motorcycle live policy you held with AXA on 29th April 2020.

  • My customer has suspended their policy during the lockdown period, will they still receive this payment?

    Yes, all customers that held a Private Car, Van, Taxi and Motorcycle policy on 29th April 2020 will receive €30, even if your policy is, or was suspended.

Supporting our brokers and customers

  • How is AXA adapting its account management approach to support brokers during COVID-19?

    All AXA employees are now working from home (approx. 1,400 people) and whilst for many this is new, we have been able to mobilise our underwriting and broker account management teams to ensure that normal trading continues to run as smoothly as possible during this time.

    We have taken action to adapt to a temporary way of working which will still enable our respective teams to have early conversations on upcoming renewals, new business and all other matters relating to existing business.

    We are open for business, so if you have any trading, account or service related queries, please contact your Business Development Manager, AXA Broker or the Trading Underwriting team. Whilst we are operating in unprecedent times, it is our priority that we consistently deliver a good level of service to our brokers and customers.

  • Are you making any changes to existing Terms of Credit?

    To support you and your customers in the payment of premiums, we have extended credit terms to a minimum of 60 days with effect from 1st April.

  • Is there anything that AXA can do to help with my customer’s cash flow issues during this crisis?

    To support our customers during this period, we have taken the following steps;

    • AXA will accept renewal payment up to 28 days after the renewal date.
    • We have deployed specialist teams and arrangements to facilitate customers who have financial difficulties as a direct result of COVID-19, which impact their ability to pay premiums.  Our teams will deal with customers on a case by case basis deploying solutions, which include restructuring of payment plans, accepting partial payments and agreeing suspension of cover.
  • Will there be any delays to documents being sent out?

    We currently have no delays with the printing or issuing of our documents.

Commercial insurance

  • What is AXA doing to help my farm customers in the event of a livestock claim during COVID-19?

    In the event of a livestock claim, we will allow an uplift of up to 20% on your current farm livestock declared sum insured where required.

  • Many of my commercial motor customers aren’t using their vehicles at the moment. Can they suspend their motor policies?

    Yes, your customers can suspend their insurance whilst their vehicle is not in use. Please follow the standard suspension process (this varies by class).

  • If motor cover is suspended, do customers have to return discs and certificates?

    We will not insist on return of Certificates and Discs in the Republic of Ireland where we are asked to suspend covers but we would ask you to continue to request them from your customers if possible.

  • My client is helping a local community group who are volunteering to deliver food and medicine to self-isolating/elderly/vulnerable people. Are they covered for this?

    In addition to personal car and Taxi customers, we will provide Van customers with a free extension of cover for volunteers supporting the national emergency effort and for delivery of food and essential items to the elderly or vulnerable in our communities.

  • NCT and CVRT tests are not being carried out due to Government restrictions. How does this affect my customers car and van insurance policies?

    For the duration of closure of the test centres we can confirm that car and van insurance cover will continue to be provided and maintained during this time. If, however, a car failed an NCT test prior to the current closure due to a major fault, this needs to be referred to us for consideration.

  • Will liability covers be extended to cover clerical employees working from home?

    Yes, our Employers and Public Liability Covers will extend to provide indemnity under the terms of the Policy for clerical employees working at home.

  • Many of my business customers have provided office equipment to staff to facilitate working from home. Is it covered if it is damaged?

    For our SME customers, we will provide cover under the material damage policy sections for damage to Employers office equipment used in employees’ dwellings to facilitate home working (without any inner sum insured limits).

  • Many of my café and restaurant customers are providing takeaway services. Are they covered?

    Yes, we are extending our covers for restaurants and cafes to allow for this at no additional premium. This is on the basis that all reasonable precautions are taken and the HSE guidelines regarding COVID-19 are complied with.

  • My customer’s business premises will be unoccupied during the COVID-19 closure period. Can you clarify your position on temporarily unoccupied premises?

    AXA will NOT restrict cover where properties become vacant/not operative due to crisis, please refer to AXA for more details.

  • What risk management measures should my customers implement during the COVID-19 closure period to protect their business?

    We understand that current COVID-19 restrictions will curtail the implementation of some risk management actions at present. However, the following actions are best practice to minimise the likelihood of damage to temporarily unoccupied premises:

    • Ensure that all internal fire doors are closed
    • Check that your fire alarm and all fire detection systems are fully operational
    • Remove from the premises all pallets and external waste and empty all skips 
    • Drain or remove all flammable, combustible or hazardous liquids and materials and dispose of or store safely for re-use as appropriate
    • Ensure that any sprinkler systems are fully operational
    • Ensure intruder alarm is fully operational and set
    • Ensure perimeter fences are in good repair, windows are locked and boarded if necessary, shutters are in place where required, gates and doors are locked, and letter boxes secured shut
    • Remove any valuable stock from shop front displays unless secured by internal or external roller shutters
    • Have keyholders in place to respond to an alarm activation
    • Ensure all equipment is turned off and stored such that it will not be damaged or degraded during the closure period
  • Will AXA cover my customers for Business Interruption resulting from COVID-19?

    AXA will honour business interruption claims arising from this pandemic where our customers’ insurance cover includes it. However, AXA cannot pay for claims beyond those which it is not contractually obliged to do so, as the financial impact would be catastrophic, and we also have obligations to ensure the solvency of the company for all customers.

    To assist you in advising your Commercial customers as to their Business Interruption cover with AXA, we can confirm that your customers who hold an AXA Shop, Office and Surgery insurance policy have an indemnity to COVID-19, through a standard extension covering business interruption for Murder, Suicide or Disease. This cover protects your customers from interruption caused by an outbreak of a notifiable disease within a radius of the insured property. Cover is for loss of gross profit, less any reduced expenses and is for up to a maximum of 3-month, subject to the policy terms and conditions and our normal claims handling processes.

    Unfortunately, all other AXA Commercial Property policies provide cover based on a specified list of diseases and these policies do not provide Business Interruption cover for COVID-19.

    We will therefore honour our commitment to your customers who hold an AXA Shop, Office and Surgery insurance policy for the COVID-19 event in March. However, we are sorry to advise you that in respect of this product we have withdrawn this element of the Business Interruption cover from all New Business with effect from 11th March and from all policies at next renewal date, commencing from May 2020. The Business Interruption cover on the AXA Shop, Office and Surgery policy was intended to cover localised events, which impacted individual businesses, and we are unable to secure reinsurance cover in future for Business Interruption from a pandemic outbreak.

    If you have a claims query relating to Business Interruption, please call the SME claims team on 018 583 233.

  • If one of my customers has to self-isolate because of COVID-19, is their business covered for financial losses?

    Self-isolation is not typically covered by Business Interruption insurance. However, different types of business insurance policies have different terms and conditions and depending on your wording, there may be some cover for a confirmed outbreak of a notifiable disease impacting your business.

  • Many of my customers’ businesses are suffering due to cancellations caused by COVID-19. Can my customers get compensation for the reduced activity?

    Whilst there is no cover in place for individual cancellations, different types of Business Interruption policies have different types of cover for infectious diseases. Some will cover the impact of any notifiable disease at the premises or within a certain proximity to the premises. Other policies will list the diseases that are covered.

  • My customer’s cover requirements are different now than when the policy was taken out. Is there anything AXA can do to help?

    Where a reduced level of cover is required as a result of COVID-19’s impact on the economy, AXA will adjust the cover and reduce the premium accordingly upon request.

Personal Insurance

  • Many of my customers aren’t using their cars as a result of Government restrictions. Can they suspend their motor policies?

    Yes, your customers can suspend their insurance whilst their car is not in use. Please follow the usual process for policy suspension.

  • If car cover is suspended, do customers have to return discs and certificates?

    We will not insist on return of Certificates and Discs for the Republic of Ireland where we are asked to suspend covers but would ask you to continue to request them from your customers if possible.

  • Can you facilitate temporary substitutions to non-garage cars?

    Yes, on request, we will facilitate temporary substitutions to non-garage cars.

  • Can temporary drivers be added to car policies to help family members who are cocooning or in self isolation?

    Temporary additional drivers aged 30-69 with a full licence can be added for up to 28 days without charge to assist in facilitating changes in family arrangements (with isolation/cocooning etc). Other drivers may be added on request and a charge may apply.

  • NCT tests are not being carried out due to Government restrictions. How does this affect my customers car insurance policies?

    For the duration of closure of the test centres we can confirm that car insurance cover will continue to be provided and maintained during this time. If, however, a car failed an NCT test prior to the current closure due to a major fault, this needs to be referred to us for consideration.

  • The NDLS is closed and my customer’s licence has expired? Are they still covered?

    Yes, cover is still valid once a valid licence has been held.

  • My customer cannot get home due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and is outside Ireland and the UK. Are they covered?

    We can agree to continue to provide comprehensive cover for up to 90 days at no additional charge on a case by case basis providing the customer is with their vehicle and it is in Europe.

  • Can my customer use their vehicle for visits in the community associated with their work?

    Yes. Any associated charges will be waived.

  • Can my customer use their private car for paid deliveries?

    Yes. We can apply an extension of cover for an additional charge. Please contact us and we will arrange the extension.

  • My customer is now working from home because of the Government advice. Does their home insurance cover them?

    If your customer is an office-based worker and needs to work from home because of government advice or to self-isolate, home insurance cover will not be affected. You do not need to contact us or update their policy.

    If your customer has purchased office equipment to work from home, it will be covered under the policy as standard contents. we will provide contingency cover for their employer’s business equipment whilst working from home.

  • My customer’s home or holiday home will be unoccupied for more than 40 days due to COVID-19 related illness or travel restrictions. Will cover still be in place?

    We understand that homes may be unoccupied due to hospitalisation or travel restrictions at this time.

    We will continue to provide full policy cover providing all reasonable steps (that are available to customers) are taken to protect the property. For example, where possible, water mains should be turned off.

  • My customers occupational status has changed, and they have now become unemployed as a result of COVID-19. Should the policy be amended to reflect this?

    Customers do not need to inform us of any temporary unemployment as a result of COVID-19 until the Government lifts its restrictions. You should not amend the policy (unless the unemployment is permanent) if notified during this time.

Claims support

  • What is AXA’s claims team doing to maintain service standards?

    To maintain our Claims service and minimise disruption to our customers, we’ve set up employees to work from home, with full claims systems and telephone access and increased flexible working.

  • My customer has an existing claim and is expecting it to be settled in the coming days. Will they still get paid?

    Yes, we are continuing to operate as normal and would ask that you to have your customer’s bank account details available and be ready to accept a payment via electronic means. This will facilitate a quicker settlement of your customer’s claim.

  • Given the current challenging circumstances, are claims being delayed?

    We will do our best to minimise any impact to the progress of your customer’s claim, however there’s likely to be some delays, particularly to the investigation. We would ask you to bear with us during this difficult time. The service we provide to you and our policyholder is a priority and we will make every effort to reduce disruption.

  • Is there any disruption to AXA’s network of suppliers?

    We’re continuing to work working closely with all our suppliers, including Loss Adjusters and our motor repair network, to understand any impact on service and keep disruption to a minimum.

  • How are you handling claims relating to commercial vehicles?

    We will carry out a physical inspection for any commercial vehicle that is required to carry out an essential service. An example would be vehicles in the food delivery chain. There are two commercial repairers open 4 hours per day for these types of vehicles.

  • My customer has been in an accident. Their vehicle is no longer roadworthy. Will they be offered a hire/courtesy car?

    Your customer will be provided car hire up to a maximum of 35 days, if the vehicle is not driving (repairs and total loss). If the vehicle is a total loss, the 35 days hire will run from the date we deem the vehicle a total loss.

    If your customer is a key worker (medical profession, Gardaí and emergency services), they will be offered car hire on an ongoing basis. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • My customer’s vehicle is currently in an AXA approved garage for repairs. The garage is closed, and they have a hire/courtesy car, what happens now?

    Your customer can keep their courtesy/hire car until we are able to repair their vehicle and return it. We will contact your customer after the lockdown to make the necessary arrangements.

    If your policyholder uses an AXA approved garage for repairs, we will provide insurance for the rental vehicle for the duration.

    If your customer’s vehicle is in a garage that is not an AXA approved garage, the policyholder will need to contact the garage directly about the hire or courtesy car. You or your customer will need to keep us informed of any extension of cover required for any vehicle the garage has provided. Your customer can call us on 1890 24 7 365.

  • Claims contact details

    Please use the information below to find the appropriate Claims team’s phone number or email address – one of our experienced claims representatives will be on hand to help.

    First Notification / Triage – Reporting a claim for the first time
    Existing Claims

Supporting the community

  • What is AXA, as a company, doing to support the wider community during COVID-19?

    Supporting Healthcare workers

    Securing a car and insurance is often a pain point for Irish Medics worldwide who have answered a call from Ireland’s Health Service, to return home to support the national effort. It’s particularly important that these healthcare workers avoid public transport. In recognition of their exceptional contribution, and to show our gratitude to these Healthcare Heroes, AXA Ireland and Renault have joined forces to provide a complimentary car and motor insurance for them for two months.

    We believe this provides practical assistance to returning doctors and nurses and it is our way of giving back.

    Returning medics can visit https://covidcarcover.com/ to sign up and complete their details.

    Supporting volunteers

    AXA is supporting personal car and taxi customers with a free extension of cover for volunteers supporting the national emergency effort and for delivery of food and essential items to the elderly or vulnerable in our communities.