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Save up to 25% using the app

Suitable for 17-24 year olds. Get a 20% up-front discount when you sign up. You can also earn 5% cashback during the year depending on how well you drive.

Terms and conditions apply.

Save up to €400 off your car insurance

Take 12 Driving Lessons for €399.

  1. 12 lessons for only €399

    If you're an AXA customer, ISM are offering 12 lessons for only €399!

  2. 50% Additional Driver Discount

    If you are a named driver (e.g. on your parent’s policy) we will reduce our additional driver charge by 50% subject to a maximum reduction of €400.

  3. Save up to €400!

    If you arrange your own car insurance with AXA, we will give you discount of up to €400 off your learner permit premium (minimum premium €327).

AXA DriveSave - Key benefits

Why take out a DriveSave policy?

  • Up to 25% discount on your premium

    Choosing DriveSave automatically gives you a 20% discount off your premium and you could earn an additional 5% cashback during the year.

  • High scorers pay less

    You’ll be given a driver score of 1 – 100. Receive 5% cashback mid-year when you score over 70. Renew the following year with AXA and receive 30% discount and still have the chance pocket another 5% cashback when you score over 70. That means you could receive up to 35% off your insurance premium in year 2.

  • The DriveSave app is free

    Once you've got your policy you can download the app for free from the Apple App store or Google Play store. The app is compatible with all newer IOS and Android phones.

AXA DriveSave - Key benefits
  • Your driving. Your data.

    All the journey data DriveSave records is accessible to you from within the app. We analyse your data based on your driving over a 90 day period.

  • DriveSave doesn't spy on you

    The app uses GPS to record your acceleration, speed, distance, cornering and stopping force.

  • Uploading takes less than 1 mb data

    You must record all of your trips on the app (a minimum of 90 trips every 90 days). However DriveSave won't eat your data and you may wait to upload over wifi (you must upload your data within 72 hours of any journey).

Have questions?Please visit our DriveSave FAQ section.

Read DriveSave FAQs

Already have a full licence?

Save up to 20% on your car insurance by taking the ISM Test Drive (for full licensed or learner drivers aged between 17 & 24).

Take the test

Take the ISM Test Drive, a 60 minute combination of questions (the test) and road skills (the drive).

Refundable Cost

Costs only €60.00 (which we will refund when you’ve taken your ISM Test Drive on your AXA policy).

Up to 20% discount

Depending on your assessment, get a minimum 5% and up to 20% discount on your AXA premium.

DriveSave app on smartphone

DriveSave app

How do I get DriveSave?

Firstly you'll need to get your DriveSave policy and then download the app.

Terms and conditions
  • You must record all of your trips on your app.
  • You must record a minimum of 400km over any 90 day assessment period.
  • You must record at least 90 trips over any 90 day assessment period
  • You must record a trip on your app at least once every 21 days.
  • The App must only be used by you, when you are driving your own car and is not to be used by anyone else.
  • Terms and Conditions of your DriveSave policy apply.
  • The app is not currently available on Windows or Blackberry handsets.