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Making sure you're covered

AXA Motor Claims - Making sure you're covered
  • Car & Key Rescue*

    24 hour breakdown assistance in Ireland or the UK. We'll get you going following mechanical problems, a flat battery or even just a puncture. And if you can't complete your journey, we'll arrange local towing and help to get you home or make alternative arrangements.

    We also offer lost, damaged or stolen car keys insurance. We give you up to €1500 toward replacing keys or fobs as well as up to €40 per day for up to three days car hire if you don't have a spare set. Claims won't affect your no-claims-discount.

    * This is an additional extra that can be purchased with Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft Cover.

  • Accidental damage to your car

    Our AXA Garage country wide network will assist you in getting back on the road as quickly as possible.

    • Back on the road within 24 hours if your windscreen is damaged and usually in less than 10 days if it’s accidental damage.
    • Courtesy car for up to 7 days.
    • All repairs guaranteed for three years as long as the vehicle remains in your ownership.
    • You may pay a reduced excess.
    • Your vehicle will be washed and vacuumed before returning it to you.

    Claiming for fire, theft, broken glass or the use of our breakdown assistance "Car & Key Rescue" do not affect your no claims discount.

AXA Motor Claims - Glass breakage
  • Fire or theft damage to your car

    If you're car is damaged or destroyed due to fire and theft and not repairable we will pay you the market value of your car prior to your claim.

  • Glass breakage

    We will cover the cost of having your glass replaced or repaired without affecting your No Claims Discount*. This includes replacing or repairing broken or damaged windscreens and windows of your car.

    If you use one of our nominated repairers (Autoglass and Mr. Windscreen) cover will be unlimited**

    * Glass cover is standard if you have comprehensive insurance. You can add it to a Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft policy for an additional premium.

    ** If you use your own repairer, cover will be limited to €250 for replacement glass or €50 for a repair.

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Why are not all claims paid?

AXA Motor Claims - Why are not all claims paid?
  • Not telling us all the relevant facts

    You have to tell us any fact that may affect your cover. For example, If you modify your car, change job or move house we must be informed. And you must tell us if you or any other insured driver is the subject of any pending or existing motoring related prosecution.

  • Your car must be roadworthy

    You must take reasonable steps to ensure your car is roadworthy at all times. These include ensuring you have a valid NCT certificate.

  • Unaccompanied Learner Drivers

    Any person driving on a Learner’s Permit must be accompanied at all times by a fully licensed driver who has held their licence for no less than 2 years - this is the law.

    No cover will apply for any driver who is not meeting the conditions of their Licence/Learner permit.

AXA Motor Claims - Contaminated fuel
  • Contaminated fuel

    There is no cover available for loss or damage caused by incorrectly fuelling your car or from the use of contaminated fuel, lubricant or parts.

  • Lost or Stolen Keys

    There is no cover available for keys that are lost.

    We will pay €750 towards replacing locks and alarms for your car only in the event of your keys being stolen from your home, if force and violence has been used to get into or out of your home.

    There is no cover available if your keys are stolen by deception or fraud, or taken by a member of your family who normally lives with you.

  • Vehicle Theft

    You must secure your car if it is unattended (including the removal of keys from the vehicle).

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