Frequently asked questions about Claims and emergencies

In case of emergency can I contact AXA?

In case of emergency such as burst pipe in your home or road traffic incident you can contact our 24-hour helpline. Just ring 0818 7 365 24.

Do I have to report every incident or claim?

Yes, it is very important that you contact us immediately in relation to all incidents that may lead to a claim. Please fill in our claims form to notify us about a claim or an incident.

What should I do if someone wants to report a claim against my policy?

Please contact our claims department as soon as possible to register a claim. If you receive any correspondence from the other party or their insurers please do not reply to it, instead pass it on to us.

Am I covered for a courtesy car after an accident if my own car is in for repair?

If you use one of our approved repairer we will provide you with a courtesy car while the repairs are being carried out, up to a maximum of 7 days.

Terms and conditions apply, please refer to your policy document for more information.

Can you settle a claim without my agreement?

Yes, we can settle any type of claim without your permission. However, we would only do so if absolutely necessary.

Can someone else discuss my claim on my behalf?

Yes, you can choose someone you know to discuss the claim on your behalf. If you wish to do so, you must give your permission in writing. Your claim handler will be available if you need any further advice.

If my car is written off as a result of a claim, how do you work out the value?

If your car is written off we will give you the current market value of the car less your policy excess.

Our motor engineer will base the value of your car on what it was worth prior to the accident; this value will be researched using Irish car sales websites and local SIMI (Society of Irish Motor Industry) car sales dealers.

Terms and conditions apply, please refer to your policy document for more information.

What claims do not affect my No Claims Discount?

The following claims will not affect your No Claims Discount:

  • Fire
  • Theft (or attempted theft)
  • Windscreen/glass breakage
  • Loss/damage to personal belongings
  • Fire brigade charges
  • Car and key rescue

If I leave my keys in the ignition and my car is stolen am I covered?

Unfortunately no, loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft is not covered if the keys (or keyless entry system) are left unsecured or left in an unattended car.

Terms and conditions apply, please refer to your policy document for more information.

I have lost my car keys. What should I do?

Please notify our Claims Department as soon as possible.

If you have purchased Car and Key Rescue we will cover lost, damaged or stolen car keys. This cover provides up to €1,500.00 (Inc. VAT) towards lock and key replacement and up to €40.00 (inc. VAT) per day for up to 3 days for car hire if you are stranded more than 30 kilometres away from home or alternatively reasonable public transport or taxi fares for you and up to 4 passengers.

My car was stolen, what do I do?

Please report the immediately theft to Gardai and notify our Claims Department as soon as possible.

What does windscreen cover provide?

Windscreen Cover covers the cost of having your glass replaced or repaired. This includes replacing or repairing broken or damaged windscreens and windows of your car.

If you have glass breakage cover and want to make a claim, you must telephone us on 0818 7 365 24 before any repair/replacement work is carried out. Cover is unlimited if you use any of our approved repairers. If you use your own repairer, cover will be limited to €250 for replacement glass or €50 for a repair.

Please contact us on 0818 7 365 24 or visit one of our branches, if you have any queries.

Terms and conditions apply, please refer to your policy document for more information.

What is Replacement Car cover?

Replacement car cover is included as standard for car insurance policies. This benefit applies if you have Comprehensive cover, or Third party fire and theft cover and the damage is caused by fire, theft or attempted theft.

If your car is damaged as a result of an accident, fire or theft, we will provide you with a replacement car for as long we are dealing with an accidental damage claim. You will need to use an AXA-approved repairer. If your car is a write-off we will arrange for a replacement car for up to 21 days while you source an alternative vehicle.

Your schedule will show you the details of this cover. You can access this document in your MyAXA account.

Some personal belongings were stolen from my car, am I covered?

Yes, you are covered for up to €500 for personal belongings carried in your car if they are lost or damaged caused by accident, fire, theft or attempted theft.

Please note that some items are not covered, for example:

  • Money
  • Stamps
  • Property covered under a different policy

Terms and conditions apply, please refer to your policy document for more information.

How can I report a home insurance claim?

You can register the claim in your MyAXA account.

If you don’t have a MyAXA Account, you can still report your claim securely online.

We will take your details and try our best to settle the claim as soon as possible.

Also, we have a few tips on what to in the event of making a home claim.

Where should I send documents relating to my claim?

You can forward your documents to us by:

  1. MyAXA

    You can upload the documents in your MyAXA account.

  2. Branch

    You can bring the documents to any of our branches.

  3. Post

    Alternatively, you can forward the documents to:

    Claims Department,

    AXA Insurance dac,

    Wolfe Tone House,

    Wolfe Tone Street,

    Dublin 1

    D01 HP90

  4. Email

    Unless an original document is requested you can send scanned documents as attachments via email to

    Important: Please include your claim number in the subject line of the email, followed by "i" (e.g. 123456789i).