Frequently asked questions about Farm insurance

What level of expertise does AXA have in farm insurance?

AXA Smart Farm has been designed by industry experts to offer you more cover, more choice and more value.

We’ve have knowledgable Farm specialists ready to offer expert advice, as well as regional support from teams with lots of industry experience.

How can I get a quote?

Depending on which policy you choose, there are a couple ways to get a quote.

With Smart Farm Easy, get an online quote, we'll be in touch to confirm your requirements and you can purchase your policy.

With Smart Farm Choices, give us a call on 0818 7 365 24 to get your quote and purchase your policy.

Can I insure my tractor/jeep with my farm insurance package?

Yes, with both AXA Smart Farm Easy and AXA Smart Farm Choices you can insure your tractor and agricultural vehicles for third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive cover. We also offer an exclusive jeep insurance that will cover your jeep if it's more than 10 years-old.

Do you provide Insurance for young drivers?

Yes, we are Ireland's leading motor insurance provider and have policy options for young drivers. Our Young Driver insurance options are simple and affordable, getting young drivers on the road for less. When you’re covered with our Young Drivers insurance you’ll get peace of mind and a great price on our excellent policies.

How difficult is it to move my farm insurance to you?

We've made switching to AXA Smart Farm as simple as possible. Once you've picked your plan, either get a quote online or get in touch with our agri-specialist to give you a quote. With no on-site survey required and a simple questionnaire, switching is simple.

How do you settle claims?

We have appointed a specialist Farm Claims team with years of loss adjustment experience to handle any claims.

Do you provide a discount for IFA or ICMSA members?

While we don't offer a discount for IFA or ICMSA members, we do have an excellent low-claims discount that rewards customers who have been claims-free for three years.

Do I get additional discounts for having a safety statement?

No, this is not a part of the policy.

How can I get storm cover on farm outbuildings?

With both AXA Smart Farm Easy and AXA Smart Farm Choices you can add farm outbuildings and contents cover to your policy. This is subject to terms and conditions, so contact our farm specialist team on 0818 7 365 24 for more information.

Where can I buy a policy?

Simply call into your local branch and they will provide you with a full quotation. Alternatively, you can get an online quote or request a call back from our team.

Why would I need employer's liability cover if I don't employ anyone full time?

Because accidents can and will happen, it's essential for all farmers to have employer's liability cover.

Our cover protects those working for you, including family and non-family workers, either casually or on a voluntary basis and protects you as an employer should you be deemed liable for a helper's injuries.

What does Public Liability cover?

Our public liability insurance covers your legal responsibility to the public if something goes wrong.

We’ll cover the amounts you're legally responsible to pay as damages for accidental injury to anyone, and loss or damage to material property.

For example, if a tree falls onto the road or a visitor being injured on your land.

What is a Low Claims Discount?

Our Low Claims discount rewards customers with up to 30% discount if they've been claims-free for the last three years.

If I have a claim, will my premium go up?

Our Low Claims Discount rewards customers with a low claims record. If you need to make a claim, the severity and circumstances of the claim will determine if your premium will go up, but in most cases you will not lose your discount for a once-off claim.

What is personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover provides you with an income if you are unable to work on your farm due to unforeseen circumstances.

The payment will be made for a maximum of 24 months and the income can be used to pay someone to do the work for you while you're unable to work.

Why do I need to review my insurance requirements?

We have to review your insurance requirements because it's important that your insurance provisions adequately meet your needs.

If you have a new outbuildings, acquire additional land, higher stock values, new part-time employees or increase replacement values of outbuilding, are all examples of times you may need to review your previsions.

AXA Smart Farm has been designed to allow for these reviews.

What is underinsurance?

This occurs where the insured sums on your property is less than the value it will cost to reinstate or replace it. All buildings should be insured for their full replacement value, including the cost of demolition and debris removal. Where a property is underinsured, the value of any claim is reduced by whatever proportion is represented by the level of under-insurance.

For example, a slatted shed with a full rebuilding cost of €100,000 is insured for €60,000 i.e. only 60% insured. If there’s partial damage to the building of say €40,000, then only 60% of the €40,000 will be paid out equaling €24,000. It’s important to consider that, in the event of full damage where the total building is totally destroyed, then the €60,000 will be paid – but this still only represents 60% of the replacement cost.

An average clause means that the insured will bear such portion of the loss as they’re deemed to have carried themselves i.e. 40% in this case.

How much should I insure my farm house for?

You should insure your farm house for its full reinstatement cost instead of its market value.

Insuring at its market value may lead to the value of your claim being reduced in the event of a loss and it may be more or less than the full rebuilding cost of your home.

You should also make an additional provision for demolition and debris removal costs, and for architect’s fees.

The Society of Chartered Surveyors publish an annual guide about home reinstatement. For more information, visit

What is a policy excess?

A policy excess is the part of a claim that is not paid by the insurance company. For example, a total claim for €5,000 is reduced by a €200 excess and €4,800 is paid out.

What is hospitalisation cover?

This cover provides you with an income due to hospitalisation as a result of unforeseen sickness. The benefit is payable from the fifth day in hospital up to a maximum of 12 weeks. You can either opt for €350 or €700 of cover.