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Single trip travel insurance

Single trip cover starting from €7.75

Based on 45 year old single person, Annual Europe policy with Private Health Insurance. Terms and conditions apply.

Single trip insurance is ideal for people who like to travel infrequently. Although it is easy to put travel insurance to the back of your mind once you have paid for your holiday, it is important to remember that you need to be covered (before you travel) in case anything should happen, and you may need to cancel. Some people will take the ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude, but unfortunately, that is not true of everyone who travels. This is where your travel insurance comes in – everyone considers the cover for medical emergencies, but you should not forget that single trip insurance also covers occurrences such as lost luggage, delays and even cancellations.

Unlike annual travel insurance policies, single trip insurance is only valid for the duration of your holidays and before those for cancellation purposes. When you take out your single trip policy, you can specify when you need it to begin and end. This means that you can book your single trip insurance months ahead of your break and look forward to your holiday without any worries.

Typically, your policy will run from the time you leave your home until you return, allowing you to relax right from the start of your journey. It would also cover you for cancellation purposes after your purchase till the beginning of your trip.

How can I find great value single trip travel insurance?

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you get a good deal on your single trip travel insurance is to customise your policy. By specifying what activities you intend to undertake on your break, you will make it easier for us to not only provide the level of cover that you need but also to offer you great value single trip travel insurance.

AXA Ireland can offer you single trip insurance options that cover winter sports, golfing breaks and a range of other exciting activities. It is advisable to notify us if you intend to participate in any dangerous sports while you are away to make sure that you are covered for every eventuality. But we don’t just cover you with our single trip insurance. The other advantage of customising your policy is that we offer additional protection for valuable items – such as snowboards, skis and golf clubs.

If your sports gear is damaged in transit or if you have to miss a day on the slopes or the green, provided you select all the right options, our single trip insurance could compensate you for your loss. And if you want to find the best single trip travel insurance available then contact us at AXA Ireland and we’ll see how we can help. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote from our website but our representatives are always happy to help with special requests.

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Important Information: Please read before purchasing travel insurance

Medical - Our policies exclude cover for all incidents relating to medical conditions, which exist before your trip begins. This means any medical or mental condition you have prior to your trip and / or causing you pain or physical distress or severely restricting your normal mobility, including (but not limited to):

  • a condition for which you are on a waiting list or have knowledge of the need for surgery, in-patient treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home;
  • a condition referred to a medical specialist or the cause of in-patient treatment within one year prior to your trip;
  • any mental condition including fear of flying or other travel phobia;
  • a condition for which you have not had a diagnosis;
  • a condition for which a medical practitioner has provided a terminal prognosis;
  • any circumstances you are aware of that could reasonably be expected to give a rise to a claim on this policy.
  • You must claim against your private health insurer first if you have one for any medical expenses abroad up to your policy limit.
  • Please do not curtail any trip without first contacting AXA Assistance.
  • Any incident relating to winter sports will be covered only if you have purchased the Winter Sports Option.
  • Any incident relating to ski equipment, business equipment or golf equipment will only be covered if you have purchased the appropriate option.

To ensure that this policy is suitable for your needs please review the policy booklet and schedule for more information relating to policy exclusions and general conditions.

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