How does learner driver insurance work?

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For new drivers who are learning to drive, it is vital that you have the correct car insurance cover for when you are getting in extra practise behind the wheel. AXA can help ensure that you are covered, with a range of insurance options, including Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Third Party only cover. As learner drivers are generally less experienced behind the wheel they will usually pay a higher premium. Here at AXA, we want to ensure that we give our learner drivers the best start at the lowest cost possible.

How does learner driver insurance work?

What insurance is offered to learner drivers?

If you want to build up your no claims bonus before you have passed your test, we would recommend taking out your own car insurance as a learner driver. Similar to all of our car insurance policies, we can offer learner drivers the following levels of coverage:

Third Party Only – This is the minimum level of car insurance required by law, which will cover you for injury or damage which you have caused to a third party.
Third Party Fire & Theft – Third Party Fire and Theft will cover you for any third party injury or damage which you have caused, while also protecting your car against theft and fire damage.

Comprehensive – Comprehensive cover is our highest level of car insurance. This will cover you for third party claims plus any damage which is caused to your car.

AXA policies feature a great range of benefits for learner drivers. We can offer our learner drivers great savings on ISM driving lessons, with 12 lessons for just €445 for AXA customers. We also offer named driver experience, with discounts when you’re taking out your own policy if you have been previously named on someone else’s policy for a consecutive year and are claims free.

Who can supervise a learner driver?

Lots of people choose to be added to a parent's or family member's policy to get some extra practice between official lessons. As a learner driver, you will need to be accompanied by a fully licenced driver who has held their full licence for 2 years or longer. While you are a learner driver, it is important to get as much experience behind the wheel as you can. Although, driving lessons with an instructor are the best way to get experience, most drivers will benefit from additional practice with a friend or family member between lessons.

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