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Emergency Home Assistance

It’s the 24-hour, no-strings, easy-to-use perk of being an AXA customer.

Extra peace of mind, for no extra cost

Plumber fixing pipe under sink

Emergency Home Assistance is available to all AXA Home Insurance customers, for added peace of mind and value for money.

The service is specifically for minor emergencies that happen in the home that need a short-term fix such as a broken window, a damaged roof, or a plumbing problem.

We’ll send an AXA-approved tradesman to your home to patch up the problem before it gets worse, giving you some time to get it fixed at a later stage. Think of it as a plaster for your home.

Get up to 4 call-outs per year, free of charge.

Day, night, weekends or holidays – there’s no need to panic if you have an emergency in your home.

Will it affect my premium?

No, this is a complimentary service.

Availing of Emergency Home Assistance does not mean you’re making a claim. Call-outs and repairs won’t impact your premium price next year. Any repairs or temporary fixes are excess free – meaning you don’t pay anything.

Technician servicing boiler

For when you need help the most

Imagine there’s an issue with your heating – your boiler isn’t firing and you need someone to come and look at it, ASAP. The only problem is, it’s a Saturday night on a bank holiday weekend. Chances are, you will struggle to find a plumber available out-of-hours, and on a bank holiday.

With Emergency Home Assistance, there’s no need to panic.

Not only will we send a tradesman to your house within 24 hours, but you won’t need to pay for the out-of-hours call-out.

Regardless of if the emergency happens on a bank holiday weekend, during the Christmas or Easter season, or just late at night – Emergency Home Assistance is there for you, 24/7.

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Tradesman measuring wood

Key benefits

  • 1 hour labour up to the value of €250 to temporarily repair the issue, or fully repair it depending on the problem.
  • 1 hour labour up to the value of €500 for roof repairs
  • €100 towards overnight accommodation for you and your family if your home is unfit to live in due to an emergency
  • 24/7/365 service
  • Get up to 4 call-outs a year
  • AXA-approved tradesmen will carry out the work
  • No excess required
  • Your premium won’t be affected in the coming years

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