Does vintage car insurance cover special parts?

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Here at AXA, our vintage car insurance is known as Classic Car Insurance. Our Classic Car Insurance offer three different levels of cover - Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft as well as Third Party Only and Laid Up Cover. Contact a member of our Classic Car team who are on hand to help you with any insurance queries you may have.

Does vintage car insurance cover special parts?

What different insurance cover does AXA offer for my vintage car?

With our Classic Car insurance, we offer four levels of insurance cover - Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft as well as Third Party Only and Laid Up Cover. Each of these policies offer you a different level of coverage at a different price point, which allows you to choose the very best insurance for you.

Comprehensive - Comprehensive is our most sought-after insurance for vintage/classic cars. This is due to the fact that it covers your car for accidental damage as well as any damage done to third party vehicles in the event of an accident.

Third Party, Fire & Theft - At AXA our Third Party, Fire & Theft cover provides you with coverage to your vehicle, spare parts and accessories that are damaged or stolen in the event of fire or theft. It also covers any damage which is caused by you to third party vehicles.

Third Party Only - This is the minimum coverage required to drive a car by law. This covers any damage caused by you to third party vehicles only. Your car and its parts are not covered under this policy.

Laid Up Cover (Garaged)- This covers Fire and theft only. For this cover to operate the car must be properly disabled by removal of components essential to move the vehicle. This cover is not available to provide non third party cover to cars in use. This cover would suit a car undergoing restoration.

It is important that you read your policy documents thoroughly in order to fully understand what coverage your policy provides you.

What benefits can I avail of for my vintage car with AXA?

As well as allowing you access to a 24/7 claims and customer support helpline, we here at AXA understand how vintage cars can be prone to breakdowns. This is why we also offer a 24-hour roadside and home start assistance anywhere within Ireland as an added extra. This means that whether you are out on the road or at home, you can feel confident in knowing that if anything were to happen to your car we are here to help - regardless of your policy.

Along with providing you with breakdown assistance we also offer you 31-day coverage anywhere within the EU. This means that you are free to explore the EU in your vintage car without having to worry about excess fees or motor rescue.

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