Does motorbike insurance in Ireland cost more?

Motorbike insurance in Ireland does not cost more; there are many different factors that may impact the cost of your motorbike insurance but being in Ireland is not one of those. However, factors such as age, licence type, driving experience and additional drivers on the bike will have an impact on the cost of your insurance . Here at AXA, we aim to provide you with the best insurance cover for you and your bike at the right price, offering a range of different options so you can find the best insurance premium and cover suited to your needs.

Does motorbike insurance in Ireland cost more?

What different motorbike insurance plans does AXA offer?

With AXA we understand that everyone’s needs are different, and we have two different insurance plans providing everything you may need at a reasonable price.

Our most basic plan is our standard bike policy. This plan is best suited to drivers of mopeds or bikes with engines of up to 50cc. We can also offer you 24-hour breakdown assistance as well as 31 days full cover for driving within the EU.

For a more advanced plan, we also offer the Easirider Plan. This plan would be more suited towards experienced riders as you must have a full, clean class A license with at least 2 years no claims bonus. This plan, which is an insured only driving policy, offers all that we provide in our standard plan, whilst offering you additional benefits such as replacement of helmets and safety apparel following an insured claim, as well as third party cover if you need to drive a different motorbike.

Is there any other way of lowering my motorbike insurance with AXA?

Here at AXA, we aim to reward safe drivers as much as possible, and those who drive motorbikes are no different. We understand that often, motorbike insurance can be quite expensive, and so we have created a Motorbike Skills Assessment Programme to help lower the cost for safe drivers. This programme aims to help improve your motorbike driving skills and aid you to become a better and safer driver. Once this programme is completed with one of the AXA-approved instructors, you can receive premium discounts on your motorbike insurance.