30 alarmingly easy ways to reduce the risk of home burglary

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There’s no place like home and there’s no better place like a secure home. Having your property intruded by burglars can be a stressful experience both financially and emotionally. While you can’t 100% prevent burglaries from ever happening, there are plenty of ways you can safeguard your home to significantly reduce the risk of becoming a target for thieves. We’ve suggested 30 ways to fend off the burglars to get you started.

30 Easy Ways to Reduce Home Burglaries

Your house at face value

Start from the outside and work your way in. Making simple changes to the exterior of your property can be the difference between your home being a prime target and being a no-go zone for potential thieves. The key is to think like a burglar – make entry to your property as difficult as possible. Surrounding your garden with a sturdy fence or thorny hedges makes life very hard for burglars and they’re more likely to give up at this first hurdle. Don’t have trees too close to your house as they can be used to access an upstairs window. Keep expensive items out of view from the street and never hide a spare key outside. You should consider upgrading your exterior doors and windows, especially if they haven’t been changed in decades.

Keeping up with the neighbours

Knowing your neighbours can be one of your best security assets, as they can warn you of any suspicious activity on your property whether you’re at home or away. You can take it one step further and find out if there’s a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in operation in your area.

Social media

While sharing your holiday snaps with friends and family on social media is a lovely way of keeping in touch, it also lets the burglars know that you’re out of town. Try to avoid checking-in on social media sites and tagging your location in real time. Wait until you’ve returned home to upload those poolside photos and anecdotes of your adventures.

It’s what’s inside that counts

If you’re hanging a mirror in your hallway, be mindful of where you place it as you might accidentally provide the perfect angle for a burglar to see further into your home. Did you know that over 200 sets of keys are fished out through doors every year? Never leave keys or car keys in or near your front door, a little inconvenience goes a long way. Break-ins increase by 36% in the winter time and are more likely to occur between 5 and 11pm – keep your home well lit during those dark winter months to keep the burglars at bay. Have an attic area? Burglars are reluctant to get trapped in the attic so storing your valuables there is always worthwhile.

With so many simple ways to safeguard your home, you can rest easy in no time. You can ensure further peace of mind by taking out a house insurance policy to protect your house, its contents or even both. Talk to your insurer today to discuss the best options for you.

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