What is building insurance?

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Building insurance is one of our main home insurance policies here at AXA. building insurance protects all of your property's structure from events such as flooding, fire or storm damage. With building insurance, we not only cover your home, but also your shed and any other outhouses you may own. This cover also includes any damage to your underground services, windows or any escaped water from the likes of kitchen pipes. Building insurance provides peace of mind that you and your home are protected.

What is building insurance?

Are the contents of my building covered under Building Insurance?

While some of your household's permanent fixtures, such as kitchen units and bathroom fittings, may be covered under your Buildings Insurance policy, the majority of your household contents are not covered.

Here at AXA, we also offer a separate Contents Insurance policy. This type of insurance is recommended to renters as it will only protect your contents and not the building structure itself. However, if you do own a house and are looking to cover both your building and contents, we do offer Buildings & Contents Insurance which gives you the best of both worlds.

If my building is damaged in some way, how can AXA help?

At AXA we’re here to help you make the claims process less stressful, including if you need to avail of temporary accommodation. Depending on your policy, if your house has been damaged is deemed unfit to be lived in while being repaired, we can help pay some of the cost for similar alternative accommodation.

With our building insurance policy, you are also given access to our Emergency Home Assistance.

This means that in the event of a minor emergency, such as a plumbing problem or damaged roof, we will send out one of our AXA-approved tradesmen to temporarily fix the issue, allowing you to have it permanently repaired at a later date. This service is available 24/7, meaning that if an issue occurs when your usual tradesman is out of hours, you won’t need to worry. We allow up to four callouts per year, free of charge and it will not impact your no claims bonus. . It is important to read your policy documents to understand the full extent of this.

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