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Does home insurance include contents insurance?

As one of Irelands largest insurance groups, we at AXA have met the needs of homeowners for over 28 years.

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Our contents insurance is a type of house insurance which can help you protect your prized possessions in the case of theft or accidental damage amongst a range of other cover.

Although contents insurance is not compulsory with your home insurance policy it is a good idea as it can provide you with peace of mind.

What exactly does home insurance include?

Our home insurance is broken up into three different policy types, covering your buildings and/or contents against theft, fire, escape of water or oil and other incidents for which you are not at fault.

Does home insurance include contents insurance?

Our buildings insurance policy is perfect for homeowners.

This type of insurance will protect your home, shed or outhouse in the case of damage even if accidental. This also includes cover for permanent fixtures in your home such as kitchen units or bathroom fittings.

Our contents insurance is ideal for renters.

It covers the costs of replacing your valuables should they be stolen, destroyed or damaged. Household appliances, electronics and jewellery are covered by our contents insurance policy.

Here at AXA we also offer buildings and contents home insurance cover, which will protect both your property and your belongings in the case of unexpected situations.

This type of cover is perfect for any new homeowner who wishes to have peace of mind for their new home and the contents within their home.

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