What Does House Insurance Cover?

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House contents insurance is a type of house insurance which will cover the cost of replacing your household belongings if they are stolen, destroyed or damaged


We can help you protect what matters most to you, including jewellery, electronics and household appliances. Although contents insurance is not compulsory it is a good idea as it provides peace of mind that your prized possessions are safe and can be easily replaced if they end up lost or damaged.

Our contents insurance is ideal for renters, ensuring that your most valued items are protected at a low-cost price


By law, your landlord must have the building itself insured meaning that in the event of a fire or leak, the building is covered. However, your landlord will not have insurance covering your personal belongings, or furnishings which you have added to the property. Here at AXA, we even offer the option of spreading your payments out with a pay-monthly option, making sure that you don’t break the bank.

What does house contents insurance cover?

What exactly is covered? Let us break it down for you.

Household goods - including fixtures, fittings and decorations which you have added to the property.

Personal belongings – this includes clothing and personal items worn, used or carried and also includes portable TV’s and sports equipment. However, this does not include valuables or money.

Valuables - This includes jewellery, items of gold, silver or other precious metals, watches, furs, cameras, pictures and other works of art, collections of stamps, coins or other valued objects.

Business equipment – Office equipment and property including documents and computer equipment is included as standard on our policies.

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