How does insurance for landlords differ from normal home insurance?

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Our Landlord Insurance is designed to protect your property, your rental income and cover your liability to tenants, all with one policy. We understand that you are taking a different type of risk when you are not living in your property, with most home insurance policies not designed to suit renting.

How does insurance for landlords differ from normal home insurance?

What are the different types of landlord insurance?

Buildings Only Insurance

Our Buildings Only Insurance helps you ensure that your entire property is covered, including your house, driveway and patio. Buildings Only cover also covers you for advisor costs in the case that you may need help to recover possession of your property if tenants breach the law regarding payment of their rent or lease agreement. We will also cover accidental damage to the building and can provide cover for alternative accommodation for tenants until the damage has been repaired. You can also claim loss of rent which you have encountered due to damage to your rental property.

Buildings & Contents Insurance

Buildings & Contents Insurance is our most comprehensive landlord cover, with cover for both your property and its furnishings. This cover is ideal if you are leasing a furnished house as it will cover against theft, malicious acts, storm, fire and flood damage for your leased home and its contents. Contents can be quite expensive to replace, so we will cover any accidental damage made by tenants to your items such as beds or sofas. Lost or damaged contents on your property land, such as garden furniture, are also covered up to the value of €750.

How can I save on landlord insurance?

In order to get the best value home insurance, we recommend insuring buildings and contents together in the one policy. We can also offer you a range of discounts in order to help keep your landlord insurance costs down. You can get up to a 30% No Claims Discount if you have been claims free for more than one year, helping you to protect your investment at an affordable price. We also offer a 5% Bundle and Save discount for our customers who currently hold a car insurance policy with us. For more information, check our policy documents today.

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