Does landlord property insurance cover contents?

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Landlord property insurance does cover contents once you have chosen our AXA Buildings & Contents insurance policy. The addition of contents insurance to your Buildings Insurance policy will cover your items such as furniture and appliances in the case of theft, fire, or flooding. Although it is not required by law, it is recommended that property owners should take out landlord property insurance to financially protect themselves in the case of any emergency.

Does landlord property insurance cover contents?

What are the different types of landlord property insurance?

Buildings Only Insurance

Buildings Only Insurance ensures your whole property is covered, including house, driveway and patio. This type of insurance also provides cover for permanent fixtures such as kitchen units and bathroom fittings.

Buildings & Contents Insurance

This is the most comprehensive cover for your property and furnishings which is suitable if you are leasing a furnished property. This will protect your building and contents in the case of an unexpected event. It is important to note that only your contents will be covered under this policy and any tenants’ contents will not be covered.

My property is unfurnished – do I still need landlord property insurance?

Yes, you can still benefit from a landlord insurance policy even if you are providing an unfurnished property. In these circumstances, we would recommend a Buildings Only policy in order to protect your building. In the case that your tenants want to insure their contents, they will need to buy their own separate contents insurance policy.

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