Who should pay for rental contents insurance?

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Although we do not offer a specific policy for rental contents, we recommend all renters invest in a contents insurance policy. If you are a renter and wish to protect your own contents it is up to you to take out a contents insurance policy. By law, your landlord must have buildings insurance to cover the building of your rental property, however they are not liable to insure the contents owned by the tenant.

Contents insurance will protect your contents against theft, loss or damage while you are living in your rental property. We can help provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you will be covered in the case of the unexpected.

Who should pay for rental contents insurance?

What does contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance will help renters cover personal belongings, or furnishings which you have added to your rental property in the case of theft, storm, flood or fire damage. You can claim on your insurance to recover the cost of personal items such as watches, jewellery, TVs and gaming consoles. The cost of replacing household goods, including fixtures, fittings and decorations which you have placed inside the property will also be covered.

Why do renters pay for contents insurance?

It is required by law for the landlord to insure the building itself, so if there is a building problem such as a leak the building will be covered. However, the landlords insurance will not cover personal belongings or furnishings which the tenant has added to the property. As a tenant, it is important that you have contents insurance to ensure the protection of your personal belongings in the case of an emergency.

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