What is the best insurance for my van?

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Whether you are looking for private or commercial van insurance, AXA’s Van Insurance policies are designed specifically to keep you and your van on the road. With AXA, if you are a sole trader you have the choice of three different insurance types - Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only - providing you with peace of mind regardless of the price point, you are receiving the best insurance for you. In order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your insurance we also provide you with the option of choosing between our standard and premier policies

What is the best insurance for my van?

How do I decide which level of insurance is best for me?

In order to decide which van insurance would suit you best, you first need to understand the three different levels of insurance that AXA offers.

Comprehensive Comprehensive insurance is the highest level of insurance that we offer. This will cover all parties involved - you, your vehicle and any third parties. 

Third Party Fire & Theft This is our mid-level of insurance here at AXA. With this we cover any third-party damages, whilst also offering you full coverage in the event of a fire or theft. 

Third Party Only This is our lowest level of coverage which is the minimum required by law, it will cover any Third-Party damages or injuries caused by you. 

We also ensure that regardless of your insurance level, all commercial drivers insured with us are given peace of mind with the option of a monthly payment plan, a 24-hour claims helpline and a dedicated van customer support team.  

What is the best insurance policy for my van?

Similar to the levels of insurance we offer here at AXA, in choosing which policy would suit you best you first need to understand the two policy types we offer. 

Standard Van Insurance Our standard insurance is the most basic policy we offer here at AXA Insurance. This will cover any injuries caused to other people, emergency medical treatment and third-party trailer cover. It is also important to note also that if you have a car already insured with us at AXA, you get a 30% discount on your van insurance.

Premier Van Insurance Premier Van Insurance allows you to avail of all the benefits offered in our Standard Van Insurance Policy, while also offering a range of other benefits, such as reduced accidental damage excess and extra protection of your no claims bonus is the event of fire or theft. 

Can I get add-ons for my van insurance?

Of course! Here at AXA Insurance, we encourage van owners to tailor their van insurance to find the perfect coverage that suits them best. For an additional fee, we offer you the choice of adding on a range of optional extras to help cater to all of your needs. Depending on which policy you have chosen, you have the option of adding motor rescue and glass breakage, amongst many other optional add-ons available.  

Each of our policies come at different price points in order to allow van owners the chance to obtain the very best insurance at their preferred price point. For more information on our insurance types and policies, contact us directly and receive a quote now.

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