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Who has the best commercial van insurance?

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Van insurance can help keep you covered against a number of risks and unexpected events, especially if you are using your van for commercial reasons. We here at AXA can offer you the best in commercial van insurance, helping you keep your van on the road so that you can get on with business as usual. AXA offers sole traders 3 levels of cover to choose between – Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only.

Commercial van insurance

What is covered under commercial van insurance?

AXA will cover you against loss of or damage to your van, and any accessories which are in your van, up to the market value of your vehicle. You will also be covered for removal and transport of your van to the nearest repairer. AXA will also replace your vehicle if the cost of repairing it would be more than it costs to replace. If your vehicle is stolen and is not found we will pay you the market value of your vehicle, including accessories and spare parts at the time they are lost, stolen or damaged. It is important to check your policy schedule as your level of coverage will depend on the type of commercial van insurance which you choose.

What are the different types of commercial van insurance?

Standard Van Insurance

AXA Standard Van Insurance ensures that you are covered with:

  • Unlimited cover for injury to other people (pedestrians, passengers and other drivers).
  • Third party trailer cover.
  • Emergency medical treatment at the scene of the accident.
Premier Van Insurance

Our Premier Van Insurance plan includes everything you get with Standard Van Insurance, plus extras including:

  • Reduced accidental damage excess
  • No Claims Discount Stepback, ensuring if you hold a No Claims Bonus of 4 years or more, you won’t lose your full discount if you need to claim.
  • New replacement van if your van is less than 1 year old and repairs will cost more than 60% of the vehicle value.
  • Fire and theft claims will not affect your No Claims Discount.
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