Keeping your car roadworthy during lockdown

In the current lockdown, all NCT centres have remained closed since 28th March. Unable to renew, many car owners will see their NCT certificate expire during this time.

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In light of this, the department of Transport announced a number of measures to take into account the unusual situation drivers all over the country find themselves in. “All cars with a test due date on or after 28 March 2020 are being extended by 4 months.” The extension will be applied automatically to all cars that are eligible for the extension.

Are you still protected by your AXA car insurance?

If your NCT cert has expired or is going to expire soon don’t worry! Keep your car in a roadworthy condition and we’ve got you covered. If you didn’t have a test already scheduled, make sure to book your appointment when the test centre reopens.

Looking after your car will ensure it runs smoothly and reduces the risk of breakdowns and accidents when you’re back out on the road.

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your car roadworthy:

Car battery test

Check your Battery

Cars are designed to be used on a regular basis. During the lockdown, chances are your parked car won’t be driven for long periods of time. Even when your car isn’t running, electrical items running in the background can still drain the battery. Because of this, it’s important to keep your battery maintained.

If your car is parked and you’ve been staying at home, simply start it up once a week and let it run for roughly 15 minutes. This will allow the battery enough time to increase its charge and it’ll circulate the oil and fuel around the engine.

Try not to turn your car on and off in quick succession. The starter motor requires battery power each time it’s used.

If your battery doesn’t start and you have a flat battery don’t worry! For customers with AXA motor rescue cover you can call 1890 247 365 and we’ll offer assistance.

Air circulation

To prevent the chance of mould developing in your car’s air circulation system, turn on the air conditioning while your car is running. This will maintain the seals in the air conditioning system.

Car with a flat tyre

Tyres and flat spots

Before going back out on the road your tyres must be in good condition. Regularly check your tyre pressure and check them for wear. A flat tyre can damage the brakes of your car and reduce road grip.

If a car is left in the same place for a long period of time the tyre can also develop a flat spot. This is where the tyre section touching the ground becomes worn.

Brake damage

Something else to watch out for are your brakes. Your car brakes are also at risk when left unused, the brake discs can begin to develop rust and corrode. If the brakes seize entirely you’ll need to bring the car to a mechanic.

Car driving on a country road

A short drive for maintenance

The simplest solution to avoiding brake damage and flat spots is to drive your car every two weeks. Taking your car for a spin will also help recharge your battery and it’ll warm up your tyres preventing flat spots.

We hope you found this article useful and that it’ll help keep you safe for when you’re back out on the road.

You can find out more about our optional Motor Rescue cover here.

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