What is open driving insurance?

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Open driving insurance is a form of insurance that allows anyone between the ages of 25-70 with a full Irish, UK or EU driver’s licence to drive your car. With AXA, we offer open driving insurance in the form of an optional extra to your regular car insurance at an additional cost. This means that you have the choice of choosing between Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft or Third Party Only insurance for your car insurance policy and adding open driving insurance as an extra protection if you so wish.

What is open driving insurance?

What are the benefits of open driving insurance?

By choosing to add open driving insurance to your car insurance policy, you avail of a range of benefits. One of the main benefits of this is that if you need to allow someone else to drive your car for a few days as a once-off, you won’t need to add them as a named driver to your policy. This allows you to have peace of mind that your car is protected if you need to offer it to someone else!

Having open driving insurance on your car ensures that when another person is driving your car, they are fully protected.

Can anyone drive my car if I have open driving insurance?

Much like with all insurance cover, with AXA we do have certain criteria around open driving insurance. The most important thing you have to ensure when allowing someone to drive your car when you have this extra cover is that they are between the ages of 25-70 and have a full Irish, UK or EU licence and have your permission to drive the car. When adding open driving insurance to your policy it is important that you read all documents associated with your policy to ensure you fully understand who can drive your car with this additional insurance cover.

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