Does my farm policy include farm vehicles insurance?

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AXA can offer you insurance on your tractor or farm vehicle with our various farm insurance policies. Both our AXA Smart Farm Easy and AXA Smart Farm Choice policies give you the option to insure your tractor or farm vehicle. We also offer an exclusive jeep insurance that will cover your farm jeep. The AXA Smart Farm Easy policy is designed for small farms of less than 80 acres, while our AXA Smart Farm Choices policy is perfect for larger farms of over 80 acres. Ensure you have your home and livelihood sufficiently protected, with one of our customisable farming policies.

Does my farm policy include farm vehicles insurance?

What levels of cover can I get for my farm vehicles?

Similar to our car insurance, we can offer you three different levels of cover to choose from for your tractors and farming vehicles.

__Third Party Only __

This is the minimum level of cover which you can have, which will cover you against injury to any person and third-party property damage. However, third party insurance will not cover the cost of repairs to your own vehicle and will not cover your vehicle in the case that it is stolen or damaged by fire.

Third Party Fire & Theft

Third Party Fire & Theft will cover the cost of any third-party damage which you cause, while also additionally covering protection for your vehicle in the case of theft or fire damage.

Comprehensive cover

Comprehensive is the highest level of cover which you can choose from. This will cover you, your vehicle, as well as any third parties who may be involved in an accident. Comprehensive insurance also comes with various optional extras, including windscreen cover.

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