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Frequently asked questions about documents

Where should I send my documents once I have purchased my policy?

  • You can forward your documents to us by:

    1. Email

      Unless an original document is requested you can send scanned documents as attachments via email to

    2. Branch

      You can bring the documents to any of our branches.

    3. Post

      Please forward the documents to:

      Post Validation,

      AXA Insurance dac,

      Wolfe Tone House,

      Wolfe Tone Street,

      Dublin 1

      D01 HP90

    4. MyAXA

      You can upload the documents in your MyAXA account.

If I buy a policy online when will I receive my documents?

  • We will issue your policy documents once initial payment is made. This will include a 14 day temporary insurance disc and certificate. You can also access your documents in your MyAXA account. However, we can only issue an annual disc and certificate once we receive all the outstanding documentation.

    Alternatively, you can contact us on 1890 24 7 365 or visit one of our branches.

I bought my policy a while ago and still haven’t received my annual insurance cert.

  • We will issue your annual insurance disc and certificate when we receive all outstanding documents. If you are unsure of what documents you have to forward to us, please go to your MyAXA account.

    Alternatively, you can contact us on 1890 24 7 365 or visit one of our branches.

I would like to get a letter confirming that I was covered as a named driver on an AXA policy, how can I request this?

  • Please click here and select the option "other" when answering the question "What can we help you with?". In the "Your message" box type that you would like to request a letter confirming named driving experience. Alternatively you can contact us on 1890 24 7 365 or visit one of our branches.

I want to get my no claims discount letter from AXA, how can I request this?

  • Current Customers

    When your policy is due for renewal you can access the proof of No Claims Discount in your MyAXA account.

    Alternatively you can contact us on 1890 24 7 365 or visit one of our branches.

    Please that the proof of no claims discount letter is also included in the renewal letter.

    Previous Customers

    If you previously held a policy with us please contact our call centre on 1890 24 7 365 or one of our branches to request this document.

    Please note there is €15 administration fee for subsequent copies of your no claims bonus letter.

If I use my car to drive to or from work (or during the working day) what class of use should I have on my policy?

  • If you use your car to drive to work you should have Social Domestic and Pleasure plus Commuting cover on your policy. Please refer to Section 3 on your Certificate of Insurance to check the level of your cover. You can access this document in your MyAXA account.

    Alternatively, you can contact us on 1890 24 7 365 or visit one of our branches.

Can I drive someone else’s car?

  • You can drive someone else`s car with their permission, on a third party basis if you have driving of other cars cover on your policy.

    If you do not have this cover please check with the owner of the car, as you may be covered to drive under the terms of their insurance policy. Remember, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure cover is in place before driving another vehicle. This cover applies only in the Republic of Ireland.

    This information is noted on your Certificate of Insurance; please refer to section 5b on this document. You can access this document in your MyAXA account.

    Alternatively, you can contact us on 1890 24 7 365or visit one of our branches.

How can I check who can or cannot drive my car?

Am I covered to drive abroad?

  • Yes, you are covered to drive in the following countries: Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. Your policy is also automatically extended to cover you to travel to EU member states for up to 31 days in any period of insurance.

    Please note, some of the sections of your policy cover apply only while driving in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

    Please call us on 1890 24 7 365 or visit your local branch if you are in any doubt regarding your cover.

    Terms and conditions apply, please refer to your policy document for more information.

What documents do I need to provide to receive my insurance disc and certificate?

  • We will advise you which documents to forward when you set up your policy. As minimum new customers will need to provide the following:

    Driver Licence:

    • ROI and UK licence holders will have to provide their driver licence number.
    • Licences issued outside ROI/UK must present the original document to us.

    Driving History:

    • No claims discount - if you have no claims discount earned in your own name we will require the original document confirming the number of years without claims, claims details, matching vehicle registration and expiry date.
    • Driving experience earned as a named driver - if you were named on another policy as a named driver we will ask you to provide a letter from previous insurer confirming drivers named, period of cover and details of any claims disclosed.
    • Driving experience earned on a company car - if you were driving a company car we will ask you to provide the below documents:

      • Letter from the insurance company confirming that you were covered on the company policy, number of claim free years and period of cover.
      • Letter from your employer confirming, period of cover, full time, exclusive use of the vehicle, no claims made on the vehicle during this period of time and confirmation that you no longer have the use of the company car.
    • Detail of previous claims - letter from previous insurer outlining date of loss, claim type, status and settlement amount of the claim.

    • We may also ask you to forward any additional documentation to ensure that you receive the right policy. This will be explained to you at the time of purchase.

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